Starting is the hardest part

If I’ve learned anything in my years on this planet, it’s that the only thing worse than making a bad decision is making no decision at all.

Despite having learned this lesson multiple times, I still often find myself crippled by indecision – particularly at the start of a creative project. I usually have so many ideas and visions floating around in my head but when I finally sit down and try to put pen to paper, nothing comes out. I sit there. I struggle. I feel my creative excitement turn to stress and anxiety as I try to perfectly capture some indistinct concept on the first try. I pour a cup of coffee, watch a YouTube video, check my email, eat a slice of cake…anything to distract myself from the terrifying task at hand – starting.

The only way to learn something new is to try it for the first time, and it is so rare that anyone ever gets it right on their very first attempt (and if anyone says otherwise, they’re probably lying).

That’s why I’m here now and why this blog exists. To challenge myself, and hopefully others, to pursue their creative passions without fear of failure or indecision. To simply make something for the sake of making something. To experiment and explore the possibilities of a craft without worrying about achieving perfection.

I expect this blog will get messy. I expect it will be filled with lots of experimentations resulting in a mix of triumphs and failures. But most importantly, if nothing else, there will be cake.

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