Sad & Grateful

blue flowers muscari aucheri

I can’t believe how quickly days are turning into weeks around here. I keep seeing all these articles with tips and tricks about how to keep busy during the pandemic, as though everyone has enormous amounts of free time. Meanwhile, we’re busier than ever and I find myself wishing we had some more down time.

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Raspberry Pistachio Friands

Close up of friands dusted with icing sugar

I had intended to share these last week, but I couldn’t get organized enough to put this post together. We have been deep in the throes of wedding planning for the past few months. As a result, I have been working on all sorts of fun creative projects, but I want to hold off sharing them until after the big day.  It hasn’t left a lot of time for extra baking on the side, so this blog may seem a bit slow until after June 1st. I should be back on track after that, at least until we disappear for our honeymoon!

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