Chocolate Pistachio Christmas Tree Cookies

Tray of finished cookies, dipped in chocolate with pistachios crusted on the edges

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been delayed posting this recipe as I have been knee deep in cookie dough for the past week, and have been busy running last minute errands before Christmas. Speaking of which, there’s only 3 more days to go! If you’re looking for any other last minute baking ideas, check out these adorable Chocolate Pistachio Christmas tree cookies!

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Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars all cut up, some facing upwards, some on their sides so you can see the layers

Alright folks, it’s time to get real. Today I’m going to tell you about how these these “easy, no-bake treats” became the bane of my existence. If you’re having trouble imagining what could possibly go wrong when making such a simple, innocent looking bar, don’t worry. You’re about to find out.

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Neapolitan Cookies

the baked cookies, cooling on a wire rack

I remember the first time I had any sort of freeze dried fruit. It was an orange segment decorating the top of a decadent, flourless, chocolate cake. I was blown away by how light and airy the orange piece was. It seemed to dissolve in my mouth so quickly, almost like cotton candy, but the flavour was so bright and intense. Since then, I’ve been wanting to try experimenting with freeze dried fruits, but have had difficulty finding any locally.

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Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

decorated mummy cupcakes on a black background

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I’ve been desperately wanting to make some halloween treats. It’s been another busy week around here, so I needed to find a project that wasn’t too time intensive. That’s when I decided to try out these Halloween Mummy cupcakes! They’re incredibly quick and easy to make and require minimal effort when it comes to the actual decorating part.

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