15 Christmas Baking Recipes

Tis the season for Christmas baking! This week I’m in full prep mode for my 13th annual Christmas baking marathon. Last year I spent an entire weekend in the kitchen and ended up with over 1,000 cookies. That’s a new personal record!

Preparing to make this many cookies takes a lot of effort. If you’re fairly new to this blog, and haven’t followed along with my Christmas baking antics before, you can check out this post I wrote previously on how I prepare each year for this intensive bake-off.

Since prep work takes time, I wasn’t able to bake anything new this week, so I thought I would share with you a collection of all the cookies I made last year, plus a few additional treats. This year I will be making most of the same recipes listed below, but will be adding a few new additions, so stay tuned for those!

In the meantime, happy baking!

1. Ginger Sparkles

These are one of my all time favourite cookies. They’re perfectly spiced, and slightly soft, with a thin, crispy, sparkly sugar coating. You’ll want to eat them before you even get them in the oven!

a pile of ginger sparkle cookies

2. Classic Shortbread

You can never go wrong with a classic buttery shortbread cookie. These cookies can be rolled and cut into any festive shape you want. Dipping them halfway in some melted chocolate is never a bad idea either.

pile of fresh baked shortbread cookies

3. Cranberry & Orange Almond Shortbread

Bright, citrusy, orange zest is what really shines in these cookies, while the cranberries add a complimentary tartness against the subtle almond base.

pile of cranberry almond shortbread cookies

4. Chocolate Crinkles

These decadent cookies are perfect for any chocolate lover. They’re rich and fudgy, and almost brownie like in texture. A coating of icing sugar gives these cookies their beautiful crackled exterior .

cookies cooling on a cooling rack

5. Twix Cookies

Buttery shortbread smothered in rich caramel and milk chocolate. If you like Twix bars, then you should definitely try this homemade version.

tray of twix cookies

6. Chai Tea Snowflake Cookies 

These cookies are delicately spiced with loose leaf chai tea. The snowflakes on top add an extra hint of sweetness, and the snowflake pattern makes them extra festive!

plate of iced chai snowflake cookies

7. Walnut Cardamom Crescents

These cookies are beautiful in their simplicity. The cardamom and almond flavours are enhanced with just a hint of orange zest. They also look adorable rolled out into their little moon shapes.

plate of walnut cardamom crescents

8. Earl Grey Tea Cookies

A hint of orange zest compliments the flavour of these subtle but fragrant earl grey tea cookies. They pair perfectly with with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

earl grey tea cookies on a fancy plate

9. Mushroom Meringues 

These little mushrooms look fantastic on top of a yule log cake. The caps and stems are piped separately and then glued together with melted chocolate.

close up shot of a group of meringue mushrooms

10. Mrs. Millard’s Toffee Shortbread

This is Collin’s favourite cookie. This simple, classic, shortbread recipe is taken to a whole other level by mixing small toffee pieces into the dough. These cookies have been a fan favourite for several years running.

a pile of toffee shortbread cookies

11. Rum Balls

These extra boozy rum balls are made with real rum! None of that silly extract flavouring. After all, if you’re going to have a rum ball, have a rum ball.

close up of rum balls in snowflake themed mini muffin cups

12. Bourbon Balls

I make these bourbon balls with Jack Daniel’s (I know, it’s not technically bourbon), but the beauty is you can use whichever bourbon (or whiskey) you prefer. Just be sure to dip them in melted chocolate to seal in all the flavour!

tray of chocolate covered bourbon balls in little paper cups

13. Holiday Rice Krispie Treats

These holiday rice krispie treats are simple, fast, and loaded with childhood nostalgia. Perfect for last minute holiday gatherings. No one can say no to a rice krispie treat!

rice krispies cut into squares on a plate

14. Nanaimo Bars

A Canadian classic composed of a semi-sweet chocolate top layer, a creamy custard centre, and a chocolatey base made of coconut, graham wafers, toasted walnuts and cocoa.

Nanaimo bars all cut up, some facing upwards, some on their sides so you can see the layers

15. Homemade Marshmallows

There are so many ways to enjoy these fluffy, homemade marshmallows! Add them to a big mug of hot cocoa, turn them into s’mores, dip them in melted chocolate, or just eat them on their own.

Close up shot of a pan full of homemade marshmallows, cut into cubes

2 Replies to “15 Christmas Baking Recipes”

  1. My family has received Joan’s christmas cookies now for several years. And it’s the only cookie-tin that is emptied within a week !!!
    I normally don’t like to eat too much sweets, but these cookies have the right amount of sweetness & variety.
    We are looking forward to them Joan

  2. Joan I admire you so much. Your dad and mine are also immensely proud of you! I have to be honest and say but I do enjoy holiday baking. When it comes to cookies however I support my local bakery typically purchase 6 dozen sugar cookies!

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